Ayça Telgeren (b. 1975, Gölcük) focuses on sentiments, potentials, in betweens and the emotions that is intuitively known and collectively felt, yet cannot be defined. The artist – starting with what is personal to her, her own archeology – tries to reach a pool of collective memory. Within the process, she defines herself more as an explorer rather than a constructor or an observer. The artist is widely known for her hand-cut works that she adopts as a natural form of expression. However Telgeren’s works demonstratea wide variety of materials and techniques that shape according to the needs of her current subject matter, ranging from metal, gas concrete, concrete sculptures, to video and peinture.

Telgeren completed her BA and MA in Painting at Mimar Sinan Faculty of Fine Arts. Having participated in numerous exhibitions nationally and internationally, she has also been a part of HAH artist collective since 2017.

The artist currently lives and works in Istanbul.


AYÇA TELGEREN (1975, Gölcük)


2007 Mimar Sinan University of Fine Arts – M.A Degree

1998 Mimar Sinan University of Fine Arts – B.A Degree

Solo Exhibitions

2020Under My Skin’, curated by Ela Atakan, Galerist, Istanbul, Turkey

2016 ‘Sugar Cube’, Maquis Project, İzmir, Turkey

2015 Hand of the Artist’, Galerist, Istanbul, Turkey

2013 I’ll Keep It till You Come Back’, Galerist, Istanbul, Turkey

2011Skin Diving’, Galerist, Istanbul, Turkey

Group Exhibitions, Projects

2020 ‘Purple Roof support project’, Digital exhibition, Istanbul, Turkey

            ‘Us Actually’, Mixer, Istanbul, Turkey

            ‘Almost There’, curated by Seyhan Musaoğlu, British Council, Digital exhibition, British Council website

2019 ‘Crystal Chateau’, curated by Can Akgümüş, Evliyagil Museum, Ankara, Turkey

2019 ‘Woman Writing festival-2, Karşı Art, Istanbul, Turkey

           ‘Shot Free 4-, Tophane-i Amire, Istanbul, Turkey

            ‘Paper’, Pilevneli Gallery, Istanbul, Turkey

2018  ‘The Future of the Travel, Corridor Project Space & Noks, Istanbul, Turkey

           ‘Capsule’, Lycée Saint-Joseph, Istanbul, Turkey

           ‘The Union’, Odunpazarı Modern Museum, Eskisehir, Turkey

           ‘Kağıt Oyunu, Nilüfer Municipality 3. Art Workshop Exhibition, Bursa, Turkey

           ‘HAHcalendar’, HAH+ Sena Başöz, Lara Ögel, Romina Meriç, Sevgi Aka, Uzay Kere, Beste Topuz, Onur Ceritoğlu, published by: art unlimited

           ‘There is another possibility: about open space and artist collectives, Kasa Gallery, HAH Collective, Istanbul, Turkey

           ‘Sketch State’, Gallery 5, Istanbul, Turkey

2017 ‘Open Exhibition No: 1’, Open Space, Istanbul, Turkey

2017 ‘Neighbor Visit’, Resonance Gallery, Plovdiv, Bulgaria

           ‘Maybe, we will Benefit from Our Neighbor’s Good Fortune’, Halka Art, curated by Işıl Eğrikavuk HAH collective, Istanbul, Turkey

            ‘Vesile’, HAHmekan, HAH + Selim Birsel, Lara Ögel, Etem Şahin, Istanbul, Turkey

            Founding member of HAH Artist Collective (other artists: Ahu Akgün, Gizem Karakaş, Defne Tesal, Murat Yıldız and Sevgi Aka)

            ‘Printed’17, The Multiplier Effect’, Mixer, Istanbul, Turkey

2014  ‘Closest Distance’, Galerist, Istanbul, Turkey

2013  ‘Gölgem Kadar Büyük müsün?’, HUB Art Space, CerModern, Ankara, Turkey

2012  ‘Encounters: Turkish Contemporary Art in Korea’, ARA Art Square, Seoul, Kore

2011    ‘If the Nature is Heaven, the City is Hell’, Yaygara / CerModern, Ankara, Turkey

             ‘Ego Balloon’, 216 Thinking and Producing Zone, CKM, Istanbul, Turkey

2010  ‘A Dream…but not yours: Contemporary Art from Turkey’, curated by Esra Sarıgedik, National Museum ofWomen in the Arts, Washington, D.C, USA

            ‘Revelation’, artSümer Gallery, Istanbul, Turkey

            ‘E-mind Projects’, 216 Düşünce ve Üretim Alanı, Istanbul, Turkey

            ‘Manic Attack’, 216 Düşünce ve Üretim Alanı, 20. İstanbul Art Fair Tüyap, Istanbul, Turkey

2009  ‘Memory Book, Moda, 216 Thinking and Producing Zone, The Art Studio, Istanbul, Turkey

             ‘Memory Book’, Hasanpaşa-Gazhane, 216 Thinking and Producing Zone, Istanbul, Turkey

             ‘My Name is Casper’, General Culture Exhibition, 216 Thinking and Producing Zone, H.Y.L.T. Sümerbank ve Karşı Sanat, Istanbul, Turkey

             ‘System Error’, 216 Thinking and Producing Zone, 19. İstanbul Art Fair Tüyap, İstanbul / Türkiye

              Founding member of  216 Thinking and Producing Zone (other artists: Zeynep Akgün, Beyza Boynudelik, Zeynep Cin, Yasemin Erdin, Seçil Erel, Nur Gürel, Erdem Karavit, Ersin Tavukçu, Sayat Uşaklıgil, Sevgi Yanar, Ali Yılmaz.)

Residence & Workshop

2019  Aksanat Art Center Lithography Studio, Istanbul, Turkey

2016  Maquis Project, İzmir, Turkey


2019  16th Istanbul Biennial, Public Program, “Digestion Program: Processor” in collaboration with Birbuçuk Collective HAH Collective (MSGSÜ Museum, Istanbul, Turkey

2017  ‘HAHasks’, recording performance, MÇPS Can Altay ve Saz Arkadaşları, İmç 5533, Istanbul, Turkey

           ‘We Remember’, Gizem Karakaş performance, HAHmekan, Istanbul, Turkey

2016  ‘Homemade Mapping’, Volkan Ergen duo performance, DUNIA, Istanbul, Turkey

Artist talk / Seminar / Workshop

2020 ‘Under My Skin Exhibition Talk’, Galerist, Istanbul, Turkey

2019  ‘Paper, Stone, Scissor’, Base Talks, Akaretler Sıraevler, Istanbul, Turkey

2018  ‘There is another possibility: about open space and artist collectives, Kasa Gallery, Istanbul, Turkey

            ‘Let’s talk about the things we don’t know.’, workshop, St. Joseph Lycée, Istanbul, Turkey

2017   ‘Artist Initiatives, Base Talks, HAH Collective, Galata Rum School, Istanbul, Turkey

            ‘Initiatives Union’, HAH Collective, Depo, Istanbul, Turkey

2016  Artist Talk, İzmir Economy University, İzmir, Turkey

2015  Conference, 1. Art Symposium, Art but How? MKM, Istanbul, Turkey

Museum and Collections

2020  Istanbul Modern Museum, Corpus of Memory, Permanent Collection

             B2 House, Selman Bilal Collection, Last Day of Spring, Permanent Collection

2018   Odunpazarı Museum, Cradle of Deep, Permanent Collection

  • ‘Under My Skin’, Solo Exhibition 2020
  • ‘After Break up’, Video, 2019
  • ‘A pair of Lips’, Sculpture and cut-outs 2018-2021
    • ‘A pair of lips and a cheek’, sculpture 2019
    • ‘A pair of twins’, cut-out 2019
    • ‘A pair of lips and a cheek’, cut-out 2019
  • ‘Honey Time’, Installation and a short story, 2006-2018
  • ‘June’, Photography 2018
  • HAH collective works, 2017-2029
  • ‘Terrace’, Installation and an artist book 2017-2021
  • ‘A small temple for big wishes’, Installation, 2013-2018
  • ‘Prints and Stamp pad works’, 2017-2021
    • ‘Oh, us!’ Linoleum print 2020,
    • ‘Life’ Lithography 2019,
    • ‘Elementary family’ Lithography 2019,
    • Park 2017
    • ‘A joyful rush’, fine art print, 2017
    • Repetency
  • ‘Sugar Cube’, Solo Exhibition 2016
  • Hand of the Artist’, Solo Exhibition 2015
  • I’ll Keep it Till You Come Back’, Solo Exhibition, 2013
  • ‘Mireille’, Sculpture and Cut-outs, Landscapes/geography ’ Cut-outs, 2011-2021(kendine ait text ile)
  • ‘Drawings’
  • Skin Diving’, Solo Exhibition, 2011
  • ‘Importance and Footprint of the Press in Daily Life’
  • ‘Proper guide for girlhood’
  • Early Cut-outs
  • Early Paintings